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Van Hire Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms & conditions for Scenic Self Drive Hire, If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us.


When taking collection of your hire vehicle you need to have the following available:

Driving Licence

All UK residents between the ages of 21yrs - 70 years (Drivers under the age of 23 years old are required to have been driving for at least 2 Years, and hold a clean driving licence, Drivers under 25 years old must contact our office 24hrs before Hire requirement dates) 


All Drivers must produce a full valid British or International driving licence held for at least one year if over the age of 25 years old (If you have a new UK photocard licence you must produce the paper counterpart also) All International hirers must provide a readable unexpired licence from their country of origin. If the licence is not in English, an international driving permit must also be provided. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that he / she has the appropriate licence. (Any Endorsements may be subject to an additional Fee)

Other Identification

All Customers must produce 2 forms of ID (e.g. Passport and a recent utility bill or bank statement, no older than three months showing your address, and a valid credit, switch or debit card in the name of the main hirer). If a credit/debit card is not in the main hirers name the card holder will need to come in and sign a authorization form.

(Copies of all documents provided will be made and kept for the duration of your hire)

Special licenses

All hire vans up to and including Luton/box vans can be driven on a standard car license (Category B license) as they will have a maximum gross/laden weight of 3.5 tonnes or less. Anyone wishing to drive a 7.5t truck will need a Category C1 entitlement on their licenses. If you took your car test before 01/01/1997, you should already have this. Anyone who has taken their car test since 01/01/1997 will need to take a separate Category C1 test.

Insurance excess

During the Hire period we ask our customers 23-70 years old for a £250.00 GBP Security Deposit or a £600.00 GBP Security Deposit if you are under 23 years old, In the event of an accident  you the Customer are Liable for the insurance excess of £1000.00 GBP (23-70 years old)  or £1500.00 GBP (21-22 years old) which is set on all our commerical vehicles, Minibuses and Cars on our fleet by our Insurers.   Our Insurance Excess for Any Over cab Damage caused whilst in the "Customers Care" on any High roof vehicles or Luton vans carry's an Insurance Excess of £2,500 GBP.


Your Responsibilities

a. You must look after the vehicle and the keys to the vehicle. You must always lock the vehicle when you are not using it, and use any security device fitted to or supplied with the vehicle. You must always protect the vehicle against bad weather, which can cause damage.

You must make sure that you use the correct fuel. You are responsible for any damage to the vehicle caused by hitting low level objects, such as bridges or low branches.


b. You must not sell, rent or dispose of the vehicle or any of its parts. You must not give anyone any legal rights over the vehicle.

c. You must not let anyone work on the vehicle without the Operator's permission. If the operator does give you permission, you will only receive a refund if you have a receipt for the work.

d. You must let Scenic Self Drive know as soon as you become aware of a fault in the vehicle.

e. You must bring the vehicle back to the place agreed, at the time agreed and remain responsible for the vehicle until this time. The operator must see the vehicle to check that it is in good condition.

f. You will have to pay for repairs if:

  • The vehicle needs more than our standard valeting (cleaning): - (Non Standard Valet £120.00).

  • You have damaged the vehicle, inside or out.

g. Before you bring back the vehicle you must check that you have not left any personal belongings in the vehicle. 


Sundays and bank holidays

We are Closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays, But we can open for an additional Fee.  So Give us a call to check availability you may be surprised.

Collection, Returns & Delivery

Unless otherwise agreed with the operator, your commercial vehicle, box van or minibus will be available on the day of collection from the agreed location at 8.00 am and must be delivered back to the agreed location by 8.00 am on the last day of hire.

Late returns can have a significant impact on the next hire. If you fail to return your Hire vehicle on time you may be liable to an extra charge at the discretion of the operator, but typically £50.00 Loss Hire cost and any additional costs incurred by the operator or Scenic Self Drive Hire as a result of either lost hires and recovery costs.


Non return without notification to Scenic Self Drive within working hours, will result in the vehicle being classed as and reported as Stolen.


There are no refunds for Hire vehicles returned early. 

Delivery and collection can be arranged subject to availability. If you would like to have a vehicle delivered and collected please contact our call centre to arrange the hire on +44 (0) 1708 753461

 Accident policy

In the event of an accident occurring with our vehicle, there are several things that you need to do:

  • Get the details of the other party.

  • Get details of any witnesses.

  • Inform your local branch.

You need to perform the actions above as soon after the accident as possible to avoid any complications with your claim. 


We provide full 24 hour breakdown cover at no extra cost. Full instructions are provided with your hire vehicle, telling you what you need to do in the event of a problem occurring with your vehicle on Hire from us.

Fuel policy

All vehicles are provided on a Like for Like basis. We provide the vehicle with an amount of fuel requesting that you return the vehicle with the same amount. Failure to do this will result in a charge being levied per 1/8th tank. E.G. Hiring a car with a full tank and returning with 7/8ths will result in a charge for 1/8th tank. This means that we will not ask for a fuel deposit when the vehicle is collected.  Vehicles returned without the correct amount of fuel at the time of hire will incur a Admin Fee of £15.00 and fuel costs.

Mileage restrictions

All our vehicles are provided with a 200 miles per day Daily limit, additional miles are charged at 14 pence per mile + vat at the current standard rate.  


Windscreens, Roofs & Tyres


You (The Customer) are responsible for any Roof or Overhead damage to any vans own by or operated by scenic self Drive as well as any Damage to windscreens and windows, punctures or other damage to tyres during the period of the hire. Where possible it should be repaired or replaced as appropriate and paid for by you at the time. You should contact Scenic Self Drive to seek instructions before carrying out the repair.


a. Any damage to tyres,windscreen, roof/overhead including Luton vans and any theft of personal property is not covered by our insurance, and any such damage shall be at your expense . Scenic Self Drive recommend that the hirer takes out their own personal belongings insurance  

Taking vehicles abroad.

Customers can take our vehicles abroad for an additional charge. If you want to go abroad this should be mentioned at the time of booking with information about the length of time out of the country and the countries you are visiting so as to enable our staff time to get all relevant documentation and cover arranged. This documentation is essential when passing national borders as otherwise the vehicle is liable to be seized by. Customs and Excise. All of this documentation can be obtained from us and customers should contact us for a quote. Please note that some countries are not eligible for this cover.

Additional services.

Additional Drivers are charged at £25 per driver per week or £5 per day for hires of less than 7 days. This is capped at 6 weeks and any further weeks additional driver cover is free.

Methods of payment

Vehicles will only be reserved by using an acceptable credit or debit card. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate any hire without prior noticeWe accept all major credit cards and debit cards apart from Diners Club and American Express. We do not accept cash or cheque as a method of payment for deposits under any circumstances. All credit and debit cards used must be in the name of the main hirer of the vehicle. In order to accept 3rd party payments the person paying must be present at the time of hiring.

Corporate Account Customers

All charges and expenses payable by me under this Agreement are due on demand by the owner. If I do not pay all charges when due, I agree to pay a late charge of 3% per month on the outstanding balance and any admin costs incurred by the owner, including reasonable legal fees. When the Customer comprises of more than one user, each user is liable jointly and severally for all obligations of the customer pursuant to this Agreement. (Current Administration fee £15.00 per correspondence) 

Company Details

Head Office Address – Scenic Getaway, 47 Ivyhouse Road, DAGENHAM, Essex, RM9 5RL Main Telephone No - 01708 753461


Main Depot Address – Scenic Getaway/Scenic Self Drive, Danes Road, ROMFORD, Essex, RM7 0HL 

Contact Details

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 17:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 14:00pm
Sunday & Bank Holidays We Are Closed

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Benefits of Our London
Van Hire

  • Free AA or RAC cover (UK only)
  • Continental rental available
  • Full insurance cover
  • Trolley & Skate hire available
  • Accident Assist replacement van
  • Webbing straps available to purchase
  • Packing Blankets available if required
  • TV/Production Company hire specialists
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